January 23rd, 2011

Blind, Cupid

VIC Greens calling for community input on Same-Sex Marriage

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The Victorian Greens are calling for public submissions ahead of their introduction of a bill supporting Same-Sex Marriage. They are seeking views on the issue in general, on how the law should be framed, and issues such as the legal status and rights granted through marriage; how the laws would apply to interstate residents; the rights of religious celebrants to choose not to conduct a same-sex marriage; and how any new laws would interact with Victoria’s current Relationship Register.

Please submit your views to linda.roberts@parliament.vic.gov.au at Sue Pennicuik MLC’s office or call (03) 9530 8399.
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In other news, here's an awesome video of Illinois Senator Ricky Hendon speaking during debate on the recently passed Illinois Civil Union bill.